Thursday, February 19, 2009

American Idol Season 8--top 36

Ok, so I have a new obsession--American Idol Season 8. I have always been a fan of AI and this new season has definitely not been a disappointment thus far. Season 8 will also be the first season that I'm able to watch every episode from the beginning thanks to the nifty new website I've found which catalogs links for each episode--thank you Yidio!

This new season of AI has also been especially inspirational and interesting for me since I'm watching it at the same time as I'm competing myself in Taiwan's own version of the show "Super Idol". This coming Saturday I'll be competing in front of the live studio audience and judges for a spot in the national top 36, so I'll keep you posted on that.

Danny Gokey is definitely my favorite contestant that we've seen sompete so far in the top 36. His performance of "Hero" this week was amazing. To be bold enough to pick a song like that and to pull it off with such finesse and emotion while keeping your own style is truly incredible. He even brought tears to my eyes with his last words about the song: "I just picture people coming out of rough situations. I picture people rising above and knowing there's a future ahead of them no matter how bad the stuff can be in their life". Cara summed it up when she said "Danny you are the hero. You give us hope".

I love it when a performer can give hope to somebody through their performance. That is the power of music, the power of art and communication. That is the power of the human soul. And that is one of the main reasons why I love to perform.

I thought it was classic when the final spot last night for the top 12 came down to Danny and Tatiane. Haha...seriously, for a second there I really thought that Tatiane was gonna make it to the top 12 and I was gonna laugh so hard--but only because I knew Danny would still make it to the top 12 in the wild card round later on. But I'm glad Danny made it safely through to the top 12. I don't think we could deal with another upset like last episode when Danny's best friend Jamar didn't make the top 36. I'm mean, seriously?! He was probably my favorite contestant up to that point and all his Hollywood performances we're amazing.

I wonder who your favorite contestants are so far this season. If you've not started watching yet, you might have to. You're missing out on some pretty incredible singers. I'll keep you updated on my thoughts throughout the season, and I'll let you know how Taiwan Super Idol goes.



  1. Is this REALLY going to let me leave a comment this time?? Hurray if it is!! (I've only tried like, 10 times. Not that I'm bitter.) K-American Idol: Here's my prediction:
    1. Adam--but the long shot is Allison
    2. Danny
    3. Allison (2 and 3 could definitely be flip-flopped)
    4. Mark (Is that the guy's name who plays the piano?)
    5. Kris

    #1 in my heart to win it all: BENJI !!!!!!!

  2. I completely agree with you. (and his name is Matt : )
    I am LOVING watching American Idol each week--so inspiring. They are AMAZING!

  3. Oh. Oops. MATT. : ) They really are good this year--can't believe MATT was in the bottom two: Whaaa?? (Did you see cute Carly commented on your other post?) BUT--Still going with: